DriftBar Launch Night: An Unforgettable Cocktail Experience for a Cause


An Evening of Mixology, Merriment, and Making a Difference: The Launch of DriftBar

Imagine a perfect midsummer’s evening at the exquisite Lairds Table, nestled within the historic Craufurdland Estate in East Ayrshire, Scotland. As you overlook a serene private lake, expertly crafted cocktails brim with flair, conversations spark effortlessly, and laughter echoes around. Every delightful moment of this magical evening contributes to Yipworld, a charity making significant strides within our community. We invite you to be part of this transformative experience – the grand unveiling of DriftBar, a pioneering mobile cocktail experience.


An Adventure Beyond the Ordinary

The launch of DriftBar isn’t merely another event in your diary. It’s a passport to an extraordinary evening of celebration, camaraderie, and tantalising cocktails, each meticulously crafted by our master mixologist, Ewan. Step into an ambiance far removed from the everyday – no stuffy formalities, no monotonous speeches – just a relaxed atmosphere inviting you to unwind, enjoy, and forge lasting memories.

a photograph of lairds table at night. It shows the building lit up viewed from across the lake.

Setting The Scene

Enhancing the allure of this occasion, we’re delighted to partner with Boutique Balloons and Events, distinguished stylists renowned for their transformative event décor. They will be expertly crafting an artistic tableau that elegantly encapsulates our cocktail theme, infusing our vision with vibrancy and imagination. Their meticulous attention to detail is set to amplify our launch into an immersive spectacle that captivates and enchants.

A Salute to Yipworld’s Inspirational Efforts

At the heart of our festivities is our cherished partnership with Yipworld, a local charity making an indelible difference in Ayrshire. Their exceptional work in championing young people, strengthening families, and aiding job seekers, continues to weave an inspiring tapestry of growth and transformation. When you join us for our launch, you aren’t just attending a party; you’re fuelling this remarkable cause forward.

The Yipworld building, which is an old nursery in Cumnock.

Indulge, Interact, and Triumph

Our idyllic venue, Lairds Table, nestled by a tranquil private lake, forms the perfect backdrop for an evening that will etch itself in your memory. As the sun sets and our soon to be revealed singers harmonious melodies weave a captivating soundscape, indulge in our exceptional cocktails and savour gourmet bites.

You will have the chance to dive into an assortment of thrilling party games, including the irresistibly fun bean bag toss. With every toss, laugh, and cheer, you also stand the chance to scoop up some fantastic prizes. An evening where amusement and anticipation go hand in hand, who knows, luck might just be on your side!

Connect and Innovate

The launch of DriftBar gathers a diverse and vibrant mix of attendees, sparking a unique blend of energies and interests. – local entrepreneurs, influencers, cocktail enthusiasts, and advocates for change. This isn’t simply a networking event; it’s a diverse social convergence that lays the foundation for engaging dialogues, potential collaborations, and budding friendships.

Unrivalled Value, Unforgettable Experience

When did you last invest less than £20 and walk away with a rich cascade of memories from an evening bursting with delightful surprises? For a mere £19.99, you don’t just secure your entrance to this extraordinary event, but unlock a mesmerising world of enjoyment, indulgence, and positive impact.

Each ticket – your golden opportunity – offers you a masterfully crafted cocktail on arrival, and an array of gourmet delights throughout the night. Picture this: a delicious drink in hand, a tantalising selection of nibbles within reach, and an entire evening to savour and socialise. This isn’t just a ticket; it’s your key to an immersive cocktail experience and a distinct opportunity to bolster our community.

Act swiftly, seize this fleeting opportunity, because remember – places are limited, and time waits for no one.

an infographic of the driftbar launch menu.

The Wave of Change Begins With You

Join us, DriftBar, in collaboration with Yipworld, as we orchestrate a symphony of joyous moments on this unforgettable night. This event transcends a mere party; it represents the coming together of friends, old and new, united in their zest for life and commitment to driving positive change in our community.

So, what’s holding you back? Plunge into the unforgettable. Become an agent of change. Secure your ticket now, before they vanish into thin air, and mark your presence at an evening that promises to be as heartwarming as it is exhilarating.

Raise a glass to an extraordinary night of splendid cocktails, delightful company, and a noble cause. We’re eagerly anticipating welcoming you.

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DriftBar Launch Night Essentials: Your Quick FAQ Guide


Where is the DriftBar Launch taking place?

  • The grand launch of DriftBar is happening at the Laird’s Table, nestled within the beautiful Craufurdland Estate in East Ayrshire, Scotland.  Please follow this link to view Lairds Table on Google Maps

When is the event?

  • The event is on Friday, 30th June. We start at 7 PM.

How much does it cost to attend?

  • Tickets to our launch event are priced at a mere £19.99, which includes your entrance, a carefully crafted cocktail on arrival, and an array of gourmet delights throughout the night.

Where can I purchase tickets?

What’s the dress code?

  • Dress to impress! We encourage a smart-casual dress code.

Is there a cause associated with the event?

  • Absolutely! The launch of DriftBar is in collaboration with Yipworld, a local charity dedicated to transforming lives in East Ayrshire. All ticket proceeds will be going towards this extraordinary cause.

Who is the mixologist for the event?

  • Our head mixologist, Ewan, will be crafting the tantalising cocktails for the evening. He brings a wealth of expertise and flair, as showcased in his column in the Scottish Licensed Trade Network (SLTN).

What makes this event special?

  • The launch of DriftBar isn’t just another event – it’s a unique celebration combining top-notch cocktails, camaraderie, and a commitment to making a difference. Plus, the venue will be transformed by the artistic decor talents of Boutique Balloons and Events, adding a touch of magic to the night.




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